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Learn Simple Boat Seats Repairs

 repair boat seats

If you have the good fortune to own a boat, you may have to learn how to repair boat seats sooner than you think. Well this is so because the more you used the boat you can expect any of your boat seats to require some maintenance after some time. The reasons are quite obvious. These boat seats naturally go through quite a lot of wear and tear during those outdoor adventures you may have enjoyed with your boat. It is now time to devote your effort to give your boat a good makeover by doing some simple boat seats repairing of your worn-out seats. It could save you some money when you opt for the easier way out that is to replace your boat seats.

Here are some simple steps that you can follow to repair boat seats:

1. First and foremost, remove the boat seats that you determined needs some repair. Turn over these seats facing down. Get hold of your staple remover (used specially for boats, auto, furniture etc) to have the staples that held the used fabric to the seats removed. Then remove the damaged cushion from the boat seats.

2. Now lay that old or damaged fabric out on a flat level surface. Then take the measurements of this fabric i.e. the length and width dimensions. Then add an extra 6 inches to this length and width dimensions that you have noted down. Finally once you have the measurements, go visit your local boat supplies store that sell all sorts of boating accessories including these marine fabric materials that you will need, usually vinyl. Make sure that the store person cut the new fabric according to the measurements that you have painstakingly measured earlier with the extra length and width. While you are there, you may need to buy your boat cushions too.

3. Now spread out the newly purchased vinyl fabric on the surface and place the old fabric on top of it. Take some safety pins to secure the old fabric to the new vinyl at their edges. Then finally cut around the old fabric so that the new one follows the same pattern of the old fabric.

4. The last part is the easiest. Put the newly purchased boat cushions on your boat seats and then place the new fabric over these seats. Finally take the staple gun and secure the vinyl cover and ensure it is tightly pressed down before doing so.

There you have it. You just learned how to how to repair boat seats for yourself. It is not as difficult as it may first appear to be.

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